Ep. 62: Solan McClean — How to Make Driving the Heart of Your Mindfulness Practice

My guest this week is Solan McClean, author of the book Driving Into the Now: PRND. I enjoyed reading this book about using driving as a vehicle (ha ha) to practice mindful awareness, and I wrote a blog about it on Psychology Today (Can You Meditate While Driving?). It was great to dive deeper with Solan and explore what this practice can offer. We talked about:

  • The difference between mindless and mindful driving
  • Why it’s safe to practice mindfulness when driving
  • “PRND” (Park – Reverse – Neutral – Drive) as a reminder to practice mindful driving:
    • Practice, Relax, (Bring Yourself Into the) Now, Drive
  • Taking the serenity from mindful driving with us once we reach our destination
  • Positive changes associated with the PRND method
  • How to bring PRND practice out of the car
  • Why simply being in the present moment is so gratifying
  • Acceptance as a part of mindful driving
  • How having toxic feelings is largely a choice
  • Finding deep connection to life in our simple, everyday tasks
  • The many benefits of counting our blessings
  • What drew Solan to mindfulness
  • Our nature as spiritual beings
  • Using our intellect as a tool, without mistaking it for the full experience of who we are
  • How our spirits dwell only in the now
  • The close connection between being in the present and experiencing love

Solan McClean is active in many areas of self-realization, including Zen meditation, Vipassana meditation, Kripalu Yoga, Dharma Yoga, and of course mindful driving. He’s been featured in numerous blogs and podcast speaking on the subject of mindfulness and meditation.

Solan is passionate about helping others with the anxiety of everyday life, and especially the negative experiences that most of us encounter on the road. By discovering the Truth through present moment awareness, as he and I talk about in this episode, Solan seeks to help advance the evolution of mankind, and help others to become intelligent agents of the ever-advancing creation.

Through his PRND method, he believes that both our roads and our world can know truth, compassion, and serenity.

Find Solan online at his website and on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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