Ep. 61: Dr. Suvrat Bhargave — How to Discover the Truth of Who You Are

My guest this week is psychiatrist Dr. Suvrat Bhargave, author of the recent book, A Moment of Insight. It was a great conversation about the deep work of psychotherapy, which can even lead to spiritual growth—for both people in the therapy relationship.

We explored the challenging and exciting question of figuring out who each of us actually is; how healing can lead to growth; reliable ways to reduce anxiety; challenging the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and ourselves; and recognizing our spirit as a constant source that helps us navigate through our experiences.

Please note that Dr. Bhargave discusses the sexual abuse he experienced as a child, so you can decide if this is a conversation you want to listen to at this time. I have great respect for his openness about this painful topic, and I think a lot of people will find it really helpful, whether or not they’ve live through that kind of abuse.

Topics we explored together in this episode include:

  • Recognizing the role of mental health treatment in a broader context of wellness
  • How we can find insights in our daily lives
  • How therapists’ personal experiences can inform their clinical work
  • The universality of human feelings
  • How Dr. B’s anxiety as a child helps him understand children’s emotional experiences
  • The imperative of finding hope
  • How to find a stable sense of value as a human being that doesn’t depend on your actions or circumstances
  • The deceptively simple question, “Who are you?”
  • How to have a sense of strength and identify that’s independent of any of our roles
  • What it means to be a Spark of the Divine
  • The abuse that Dr. B experienced as a child, and how his healing began
  • Healing as an ongoing process of expansion
  • How healing can lead to growth
  • Connecting with spirit through focused presence
  • The practice of gratitude
  • The power of the breath in managing anxiety and returning to equilibrium (click on the link for my free guide 10 Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety Every Day)
  • Challenging the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and ourselves
  • Recognizing our spirit as a constant source that helps us navigate through our experiences
  • The excitement of getting to know who you really are

Here is the link to Dr. Bhargave’s book:

A Moment of Insight: Universal Lessons Learned From a Psychiatrist’s Couch (A percentage of each sale from this link will be used to support the podcast, at no additional cost to you.)

Suvrat Bhargave, MD, is a renowned and respected educator, speaker, and board-certified psychiatrist, specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry. He completed his residency training and specialty fellowship at Duke University, and has practiced in hospitals, community health, and private practice settings.

Dr. B (as he is lovingly called by his patients) has built a successful practice based on empathy, education, and empowerment. Known for his “relatable expertise”, he is highly sought after to lecture locally and nationally on a broad range of topics pertaining to personal growth, effective parenting, relationship satisfaction, and mental health conditions.

In his work as a psychiatrist, Dr. B helps those he works with to make changes and experience fulfillment through gradual but dynamic moments of insight and awareness.

Find Dr. Bhargave online at his website, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

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