Ep. 57: Laurie Warren — How to Develop Reverence for the Incredible Gift of Life

My guest this week is author and change agent Laurie Warren. We discussed her forthcoming book Wild World, Joyful Heart (Oct. 8, 2019) and her approach to empowered well-being. Along the way we explored how body, mind, and spirit are interconnected, and how we can take back responsibility for our own health and well-being. Laurie emphasizes that joy (which is different from “happiness”) is always available, no matter what’s happening in our lives.

Other topics we got into included:

  • The distinction between brain and mind
  • How to get started on the path toward health and joy
  • The profound changes that are possible from cleaning up our diets
  • Recognizing the power of our unconscious habits and belief systems
  • Eating to build our bodies rather than to fill our bellies
  • The difference between happiness, which depends on outside circumstances, and joy, which is an attitude
  • The growth that often comes from living through challenges
  • The daily stress we stop noticing because we experience it so often
  • The value of choosing not to be bombarded continually by bad news
  • The breathtaking acceleration in technological development over the past few decades
  • How to stop being victims and start being creators of our lives
  • Releasing the belief in healing as an endpoint
  • The delay between damaging our bodies and feeling any symptoms
  • What whole person care includes:
    • tending our bodies
    • training our minds
    • finding full expression for our spirits
  • The strengths and limitations of our healthcare system and mainstream medicine
  • Taking small steps to care for your whole organism

Learn more about Laurie’s book and sign up to be notified when it releases on her website book page.

Laurie Warren, MSN, is a change agent for empowered well-being in body, mind, and spirit. She works as a corporate consultant, wellness clinician, and sought-after speaker, and is the author of the forthcoming book Wild World, Joyful Heart: Unlock Your Power to Create Health and Joy.

Laurie holds a master’s degree in clinical and integrative nutrition, with additional training in biochemistry, functional medicine, psychology, and herbalism. Her approach to health, healing, and joy is grounded in three foundational beliefs:

  1. The body is a self-organizing organism that’s hard-wired for healing.
  2. Our mind can be used as either a bridge or a barrier in our quest for well-being.
  3. What matters most is who we are as we move through this world.

Laurie is also a regularly featured expert in the media. A Maine native, she lives in the Greater Boston area and enjoys her four children, her two grandchildren, and the gift of life.

To learn more about Laurie and her work, visit her website and connect with her on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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