Ep. 53: Doug Holt — How to Take Responsibility for Living Your Dreams

My guest this week is Doug Holt, who is best described as a holistic executive coach. Doug specializes in helping people move toward their most important life goals. We discussed Doug’s philosophy on life and coaching, and the intimate connection between the different parts of our lives, like who we are as people and the work we do. We explored ideas that overlap a lot with my line of work, such as how we identify and change our self-limiting beliefs.

I found this to be a very uplifting conversation, and I hope you find the same. Topics we explored included:

  • Being a coach of coaches
  • The value of working holistically as a coach
  • The interconnections among the various parts of our lives
  • The inextricable link between business development and personal development
  • How we define the meaning of life
  • The central importance of relationships
  • How our calendars reveal our priorities
  • The distinction between a business operator and a business owner
  • Common barriers that get in the way of reaching our dreams
  • Noticing patterns in language that reveal underlying beliefs
  • How to identify what we really want
  • How to work on negative self-talk and the value of awareness
  • The box breathing technique to promote presence
  • How to make the time for a career move
  • The value of tracking how we use our time
  • Taking extreme responsibility for our choices
  • Replacing “but” with “and”
  • The power of visualization to chart one’s course (see The90DayGame.com)
  • When a career change is not the right move

Here’s the book by Wayne Dyer that Doug mentioned, which was recommended to him by a trusted mentor: The Power of Intention (affiliate link).

Doug co-hosts The Powerful Man podcast with Tim Matthews, which they recommend for men or anyone who has men in their life.

Doug Holt owns multiple companies, all of which focus on helping business owners grow their businesses and design the life they want to live.

His passion is helping business owners get unstuck and gain clarity so they can live the lives they truly dream of.

Doug’s coaching is designed to help individuals take control of their businesses in a way that supports their dreams.

Find Doug online at his website.

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