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Ep. 39: Dr. Ross Greene — A Better Way to Help Kids Solve Problems

My guest this week is psychologist and author Dr. Ross Greene. Ross encourages parents to let go of unhelpful efforts to help kids who aren’t meeting our expectations, such as…

Parenting Podcast Sleep

Ep. 31: Dr. Jodi Mindell — How to Help Your Baby Sleep through the Night

Most new parents will wish at some point that their baby were sleeping more soundly. Thankfully there are proven techniques for helping young children to sleep through the night. My…

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Ep. 19: Megan MacCutcheon — Keys to Women’s Confidence and Healthy Self-Esteem

 Countless people struggle to see themselves in a positive light, and women face specific challenges to their self-esteem. In this week’s episode I talk with licensed professional counselor Megan…