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Ep. 94: Nick Davies — How to Create a Life You Love One Step at a Time

My guest this week is business and career coach Nick Davies. As you’ll hear, Nick is from England, though he’s currently living in the States. I really enjoyed talking with…

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Ep. 91: Lorraine Ladish — Overcoming Challenges to Create a Life You Love

My guest this week is author and content creator Lorraine Ladish. We talked about the value of mind-body work, Lorraine’s favorite self-care activities, the importance of daily practices in caring…

Career Grit Podcast

Ep. 79: Beth Ruggiero York — Finding the Strength to Pursue Your Dreams

The banner image above was taken by this week’s guest, © 2016 Ruggiero Images LLC My guest this week is Beth Ruggiero York, author of a memoir called Flying Alone…

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Ep. 72: Aaron Walker — How to Build a Life of Success and Significance

My guest this week is Aaron Walker, author of View From the Top (affiliate link). Aaron is a lifelong businessman, having started fourteen companies, as well as a life coach….