The CBT Deck: 101 Practices to Improve Thoughts, Be in the Moment & Take Action in Your Life

by Seth J. Gillihan, PhD

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a practical and action-oriented approach for quickly building positive emotions and meaningful engagement in your life. The CBT Deck offers three powerful types of practices:

THINK: Cognitive strategies for training your thoughts to serve you well
ACT: Behavioral techniques for choosing actions that build the life you want to live
BE: Mindfulness practices for experiencing greater presence and connection in each moment

Reduce stress in your life with practical, action-oriented, and mindfulness tools to quickly build positive emotions in your life. The 101 practices inside The CBT Deck will help you:
– Calm and redirect your thoughts
– Overcome self-limiting beliefs
– Choose actions that build the life you want
– Be more connected and engaged in the present moment

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