Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Podcast Stoicism

Ep. 51: Dr. William Ferraiolo — How to Train Your Mind Like the Stoics

My guest this week is Dr. William (Bill) Ferraiolo. We’ll be going all the way back to the roots of cognitive behavioral therapy in this episode—back to the Stoics of…

Happiness Money Podcast

Ep. 50: Ken Honda — How to Create a Healthier Relationship with Money

Have you ever felt frustrated by money? Most of us have. Maybe you feel like you’re not paid enough, or there’s barely enough to cover your expenses, or your bills…

Japanese Psychology Podcast

Ep. 49: Gregg Krech — How to Live the Life You Want

My guest this week is Gregg Krech, who specializes in Japanese psychology. We focused on the principles of Morita therapy, which emphasizes taking action that brings meaning to one’s life….

Mindfulness Podcast Yoga

Ep. 48: Tim Senesi — How to Get the Most out of Your Home Yoga Practice

My guest this week is yoga instructor Tim Senesi. Tim hosts the popular Yoga with Tim YouTube channel, and teaches classes near his home in Southern California. It was great to…

Mindfulness Podcast

Ep. 47: Jules Blaine Davis — Exploring Our Deep Hunger for Presence and Connection

My guest this week is Jules Blaine Davis. It’s hard to capture who Jules is or what she does in a few words, which is part of what I enjoyed…

Gardening Mindfulness Nutrition Podcast

Ep. 46: Joe Lamp’l — How to Renew Your Mind, Body, and Spirit in the Garden

I’ve enjoyed having a garden for many years, and recently it’s taken on deeper significance in my life. So I loved this conversation with this week’s guest Joe Lamp’l, the…

Podcast Relationships

Ep. 45: Renee Linnell — How to Free Yourself from Manipulative Relationships

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a manipulative relationship—you know deep down it’s toxic, yet each time you try to leave you’re pulled back in? My guest this week…

Meditation Mindfulness Podcast

Ep. 44: Ora Nadrich — How to Awaken into Every Moment of Your Life

How can we practice more presence in our lives and stay connected with our truest selves? My guest this week is Ora Nadrich, a mindfulness instructor who addresses these questions…

Decluttering Organizing Podcast

Ep. 43: Alejandra Costello — How to Improve Your Life by Organizing Your Home

My guest this week is Alejandra Costello, a professional organizer with over one million YouTube subscribers. Alejandra shared key principles for decluttering your home and getting organized. We also explore…

Mindfulness Podcast Relationships

Ep. 42: Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath — How to Grow in Your Loving Relationships

My guest this week is psychologist Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath. We talked about the big ideas from her recent book, Love Between Equals: Relationship as a Spiritual Path. Polly presents an…