Month: July 2020

Healing Podcast Trauma

Ep. 99: Dr. Michael Lovell — Serving the Greater Good Through Trauma-Informed Care

My guest this week is Dr. Michael Lovell, president of Marquette University. Michael is deeply committed to trauma-informed care in the city of Milwaukee (where Marquette is located), and to…

Anxiety Podcast Race

Ep. 98: Sarah McCafferty — How to Overcome Fear with Love to Talk About Race

My guest this week is Sarah McCafferty. As you’ll hear, Sarah is passionate about issues of justice and equality. We focused on issues of race, in light of the developments…

Healing Meditation Podcast Trauma

Ep. 97: Worthy Stokes — How to Embrace the Healing Power of Human Presence

My guest this week is Worthy Stokes, author of The Daily Meditation Book of Healing: 365 Reflections for Positivity, Peace, and Prosperity (affiliate link). I got so much out of…

Anxiety Healing Nutrition Podcast Stress

Ep. 96: Ashley James — How to Effectively Lower Stress and Manage Anxiety

My guest this week is Ashley James. Ashley actually had me on her podcast a few weeks ago.  We had planned to focus on anxiety in this episode, which we…