Month: January 2020

Love Podcast Relationships

Ep. 76: Robyn Spizman — How to Create Opportunities to Love on Purpose

My guest this week is Robyn Spizman, author of a recent book called Loving Out Loud: The Power of a Kind Word. We focused on ways to share more love…

Depression Podcast Suicide

Ep. 75: Kristi Hugstad — How to Open the Conversation About Depression and Suicide

My guest this week is Kristi Hugstad, author of a book called Beneath the Surface: A Teen’s Guide to Reaching Out When You or Your Friend Is in Crisis. Kristi…

Anxiety Panic Podcast

Ep. 74: Capt. Tom Bunn — How to Use Human Connection to Conquer Fear and Panic

My guest this week is Captain Tom Bunn, a former airline pilot who is now a psychotherapist. Tom specializes in treating panic, which he got into through helping people with…

Gardening Gratitude Joy Love Podcast

Ep. 73: Dr. Ross Gay — Attending to the Love That Surrounds Us

My guest this week is poet and professor Dr. Ross Gay. I loved Ross’s recent book, The Book of Delights (affiliate link), which we talked a lot about in this…