Month: September 2019

Love Podcast Religion

Ep. 60: Rev. Lisa Schubert Nowling — Finding a Love That Can Transform the World

My guest this week is the Rev. Lisa Schubert Nowling, an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. I learned of Lisa and her work through the Indiana University alumni…

Mindfulness Podcast

Ep. 59: Dr. Aria Campbell-Danesh — How to Connect With What You Love Every Day of the Year

My guest this week is Dr. Aria Campbell-Danesh, back for a second time (Aria was my very first podcast guest). We’re really pleased to announce the release of the book…

Childlessness Happiness Parenting Podcast

Ep. 58: Dr. Rachel Chrastil — How to Have a Life You Love, With or Without Kids

My guest this week is historian and author Dr. Rachel Chrastil. She recently wrote a book called How to Be Childless: A History and Philosophy of Life Without Children. We discussed…