Month: April 2019

Parenting Podcast

Ep. 39: Dr. Ross Greene — A Better Way to Help Kids Solve Problems

My guest this week is psychologist and author Dr. Ross Greene. Ross encourages parents to let go of unhelpful efforts to help kids who aren’t meeting our expectations, such as…

OCD Treatment Podcast

Ep. 38: Jon Hershfield — How to Find Relief from Unwanted Violent Thoughts in Harm OCD

My guest this week is therapist and OCD specialist Jon Hershfield. Jon is doing an incredible amount of work to improve the lives of those who struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder…

Communication Mindfulness Podcast Relationships

Ep. 37: Oren Jay Sofer — How to Improve Your Relationships with Better Communication

Do you ever feel like you and someone else—a romantic partner, family member, friend, co-worker, or someone else—just aren’t hearing each other? Our relationships will never be better than the…

Medicine Podcast

Ep. 36: Charlie Gillihan — How to Survive the Challenges of Medical Training

My guest this week is Charlie Gillihan, my youngest brother. At the time of this recording, Charlie was a few weeks away from graduating from medical school. I was interested…