Month: March 2019

Meditation Mindfulness Podcast Relationships

Ep. 34: Jonni Pollard — How to Experience Life as a Sacred Expression of Love

My guest this week focuses on the big questions of our existence: Who are we? Why are we here? And how can we experience fulfillment? Jonni Pollard describes his inspiring…


Ep. 33: Dr. James Kelley — Adversity as a Pathway to Personal Growth

In this week’s episode, I discussed with Dr. James Kelley the sometimes surprising effects of adversity—what James calls the “crucible’s gift.” Life’s challenges may offer the opportunity to grow in strength…

Anxiety Treatment Podcast Trauma

Ep. 32: Dr. Mark Powers — The Best Tested Ways to Treat Anxiety and Trauma

Countless individuals experience debilitating anxiety or major trauma that can lead to conditions like posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). My guest this week is psychologist Dr. Mark Powers, who specializes in…