Month: February 2019

Parenting Podcast Sleep

Ep. 31: Dr. Jodi Mindell — How to Help Your Baby Sleep through the Night

Most new parents will wish at some point that their baby were sleeping more soundly. Thankfully there are proven techniques for helping young children to sleep through the night. My…

Meaning Podcast Trauma

Ep. 30: Dr. Omid Naim — Telling a Better Story about Health and Healing

My guest this week is Dr. Omid Naim, who specializes in integrative psychiatry. I thought I knew what that meant before our conversation, but what I learned was much more…

Depression Nutrition Podcast Stress

Ep. 29: Dr. Julia Rucklidge — Can Nutrition Prevent Depression and Promote Resilience?

 Psychologist Julia Rucklidge was disturbed by two trends she observed: Psychological conditions like depression and anxiety were becoming more and more common. At the same time, rates of prescription…

Podcast Sports

Ep. 28: Dr. Mitch Greene — Training the Mind for Better Athletic Performance

Anyone who’s played competitive sports knows that the mental game is at least as important as the physical one. My guest this week is clinical and sport psychologist Dr. Mitch…