Month: October 2018

Mindfulness Podcast Relationships Self Compassion

Ep. 12: Dr. David Richo – The Mindful Path Toward Greater Love and Connection

Relationships are the biggest factor in our well-being, and yet we often struggle to have the quality of connections that we need. In this episode I talk with Dr. David…

Perfectionism Podcast Self-sabotage

Ep. 11: Dr. Alice Boyes — How to Create the Best Life Possible, One Habit at a Time

Author Alice Boyes wants to help you stop getting in your own way. She recently wrote a book called The Healthy Mind Toolkit, which addresses the many ways all of us…

Insomnia Podcast Sleep

Ep. 10: Dr. Matt Kayser – Using Powerful Animal Models to Help Humans Sleep Better

What can we learn about human sleep from studying fruit flies? A lot more than you might think, as psychiatrist and researcher Matt Kayser explains this week. Matt and his…