Month: September 2018

Podcast Relationships

Ep. 09: Dr. Ben Hunter – Love and Relationships Through the Lens of Attachment

Each of us has a predominant way of connecting with others, which relationship scientists call our attachment style. It’s exactly what it sounds like—our habitual way of relating to people. Some of us…

Podcast Voice Yoga

Ep. 08: Mark Moliterno – Strengthening the Voice Through Mind, Body, and Spirit

The voice is our primary way of expressing ourselves, and vocal problems can have a profound impact on our well-being and relationships. If you’ve ever been unable to speak for…

Insomnia Podcast Sleep

Ep. 07: Dr. Michael Perlis — The Latest Research on Sleep and Insomnia

Countless individuals are looking for the answer to their persistent sleep problems. Thanks to Dr. Michael Perlis, many of them are finding it. Michael is a psychologist and sleep specialist…

Grit Podcast

Ep. 06: Dr. Angela Duckworth – How to Find a Passion That Inspires Extraordinary Effort

Psychologist Angela Duckworth’s research on grit is challenging the widely held assumption that talent is the most important determinant of success. Angela defines grit as “perseverance and passion for long-term…