Month: July 2018


Ep. 03: Dr. Raymond Pasi – Secondary Education in the Twenty-First Century

High school isn’t the highlight of life for most of us—it certainly wasn’t for me. The four years span our early teenage years through young adulthood, with all the turmoil…


Ep. 02: Dr. Lucy Faulconbridge – Therapy, Weight Loss, and Nutrition

In this episode I speak with psychologist Lucy Faulconbridge. Lucy has an extensive background in the biological and psychological bases of eating behaviors and obesity. I found our conversation to…


Ep. 01: Dr. Aria Campbell-Danesh – Building a Healthier Relationship with Food and Your Body

In this first episode, I speak with psychologist Aria Campbell-Danesh. Aria’s specialty is helping men and women achieve sustained weight loss by changing their relationship with food and with their…