Month: October 2016

Death Mindfulness Relationships

We Will Be Forgotten

We’re now well into fall, and each week our changing relationship with the sun is apparent. Few things mark the passage of time like the coming of spring and fall,…

Guided Meditations

Five Senses Meditation With a Clementine

We can use any activity as an opportunity to be present. Eating a clementine with awareness provides many sensory experiences that connect us with the here-and-now. Materials needed for this meditation:…

Guided Meditations

How to Meditate in One Minute

We can practice meditation wherever we are and no matter how little time we have. This brief exercise introduces a one-minute breath meditation. To download the mp3 file of this…

Guided Meditations

Meditation in Bed

This 11-minute meditation encourages letting go of anxiety in bed and efforts to force ourselves to fall asleep. One word of caution: Beware of using this meditation as a “tool to make me…

Guided Meditations

Connecting to Your Strength

We often forget the strength that is ours simply by virtue of being alive. This 9 minute meditation is an invitation to remember and to feel how strong you are. [Why…


7 Myths About Mindfulness

By now most of us have been introduced to the concept of mindfulness—the idea that by focusing our attention on the present, and bringing an attitude of openness and acceptance to whatever is happening, we…