Month: September 2016

Brain imaging Dreams Sleep

Why Do Some of Us Recall Our Dreams, While Others Never Do?

Some people seem to remember their dreams every night, while others rarely remember them at all. What accounts for the differences? A recent study by a group of French neuroscientists…

Guided Meditations

Brief Sitting Body and Breath Meditation

The breath is the most common target of our attention when we practice meditation. Each time your attention inevitably wanders away from the breath during this practice, just come right…

Guided Meditations

Beginning Meditation

If you’re brand new to meditation, start here: about 5 minutes of focusing on the body and the breath. You’ll just need a comfortable place to sit, whether on the floor…

Death Dreams Mindfulness

Why Dreaming About Death Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

I had once been told you can’t die in your dreams, but I learned years ago that you can. In my own death dream I was on an airplane and…